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Global Fitness Solutions, LLC specializes in creating fitness-related training and development courses as well as providing a variety of consulting services for companies within the health & fitness industry. Our experience is in delivering education to fitness professionals and working with top-notch companies to develop innovative programming and solutions. Our goal is to both deliver results for and make a positive impact on our clients as well as the fitness industry as a whole.

SPRI is the leading manufacturer and distributor of rubberized resistance exercise products for the health and fitness industry and develops a wide range of innovative, affordable fitness tools and supportive educational materials for everyone from the casual exerciser to the professional athlete. Equipment and accessory offerings include those for fitness training for strength, balance, sports conditioning, and are specifically designed to be used in professional fitness facilities.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association, is the leading membership organization for health, wellness and fitness professionals. Since 1982, IDEA has provided health and fitness professionals with unbiased research, educational resources and industry leadership.

Schwinn is an American icon and a leading brand of bicycles, recreation products and home/commercial fitness equipment. The brand is on the forefront of advances in fitness technology, and has been an indispensable player in revolutionizing bicycling and fitness around the world.

Savvier Fitness offers full-service direct response marketing, product development, manufacturing and international distribution. Savvier brings concepts to the marketplace successfully, specializing in the category of fitness.

ZUMBA© Fitness program fuses hypnotic Latin and international rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind group fitness-party™. In recent years, the ZUMBA program has become nothing short of a revolution, spreading like wildfire around the globe, and positioning itself as one of the most influential movements in the fitness industry. As of January 2010, the ZUMBA program is being taught at over 50,000 locations in 75 countries, and has changed the lives of ZUMBA Fanatics worldwide with an astonishing 6 million regular class participants taking ZUMBA classes every week.



Life Time Fitness, a "healthy way of life" company, operates more than 80 fitness centers across the United States. Life Time Fitness' mission is to provide an educational, entertaining, friendly and inviting, functional and innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family. 

LifePower allows anyone and everyone - from those experiencing their first class to those who want to deepen their practice - to nourish their mind, body and spirit.  It's a community that provides the physical benefits of Yoga along with the possibility to explore deeper meaning in your life.


Since 1987, Power Music has been the world's #1 source of music for fitness professionals and has steadily grown in other related markets (Personal Workout, Mind-Body, and Dance). A massive music library, extensive base of customer advocates, established mail-order and E-commerce operations and talented employees with over 50 years of cumulative experience comprise the foundation of our success. We are a music company that is passionate about 

Team Beachbody is your total health and fitness solution. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get healthy, Team Beachbody will provide all the motivation, information, and support you need.

Barre Above is a totally unique approach to barre workouts as you've seen them. Fusing the best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above™ delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.

THEGROOVE by Misty Tripoli™ is a simple yet revolutionary and foundational approach to teaching dance or movement that uses the facilitation of theTechnology of AUTHENTICITY™ to foster self awareness, authentic movement, creativity and unique self expression, for the cultivation of vibrant holistic health, for the mind, body, heart and soul.When this technology is applied and facilitated in a group class setting it also cultivates UNITY, acceptance of others, community, creative human interaction and social skills. In a GROOVE class, participants connect with the group dynamic by unifying in a common simple movement or rhythm to ridiculously amazing music, then through trained facilitators, they are given permission to be completely authentic, creative, fully expressed and allowed to DANCE it their own way… The PERFECT WAY! The result is a truly authentic delicious DANCE experience!

PiYo - Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? Not with PiYo…PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.

Yoga Tune Up® is a unique program created by Jill Miller. It is practiced all over the world at Yoga Studios, fitness facilities and retreat centers, taught by Jill and her certified YTU instructors. Using a distinctive set of exercises, poses and specialized techniques, Yoga Tune Up® playfully moves you into a body that looks great and lasts a lifetime. With Jill as your guide, our video and Therapy Ball Products will take you through a safe, effective workout with pain relief methods that leave you (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling better, stronger, happier, and more relaxed!

CIZE™ LIVE is professional dance for everyday people! This isn't one of those dance-lite workouts where you just shuffle your feet to the beat. Created by Shaun T, world famous choreographer and fitness trainer, CIZE LIVE breaks down professionally choreographed routines, step-by-step. Before you know it, you'll be bustin' out hip moves to the hottest music around. It’s so fun, you’ll forget you’re working out!

There's a reason HIIT is HOT, and Tabata Bootcamp is the new hit! For years, we've been focusing on calories burned during exercise, but new research reveals that we should focus on what happens AFTER exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp workouts are short in duration and designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp™ offers the newest and most unique approach to hit the fitness world with incredible results!

At KARMA WARRIORS, our vision is to remind you and every one on this planet that we are all connected. In every situation we find ourselves, we can choose to come from a place of fear or from a place of love. To remember that we are all connected can be all it takes to reminds us to choose love, kindness and compassion. Our vision is to create a community of Karma Warriors so large that the world feels the presence of love in every corner.

BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. Its 50-minute cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and motivated all at the same time. At the very core of a BollyX workout is the inspiration it draws from the music and dance of Bollywood, the film industry of India. We embody the infectious energy, expression and movement of Bollywood and aim to expand the reach of fitness to more people worldwide.

Yoga Digest is a vibrant resource of like-minded, optimistic and passionate wellness advocates who inspire, educate and connect through a shared belief that everyone deserves a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

KIND - There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. At KIND®, we believe you deserve both—we call it our brAND philosophy. What began with just 8 bar varieties in 2004 has grown to over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, and a multitude of new recipes being perfected and refined to our standards in the KIND® kitchen.



If you’re serious about a career in Health & Fitness, make no mistake: The people you choose to inspire, train and support you are going to make all the difference. It’s the reason more than 130,000 of your peers have already put their trust in the industry experts at NETA. We do more than just open the door to fitness careers. We unlock your professional potential.


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