June 16, 2017 - June 18, 2017

Life Time Fitness Overland Park

6800 138th St, Overland Park, KS 66223

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Friday June 16, 2017

  • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Zumba! Let it MOVE YOU!
    Tony Witt

    Zumba! Let it MOVE YOU! with Tony Witt

    Dozens of exhilarating rhythms, one amazing experience! A high energy Zumba workout with choreography that will take you on a journey of the exotic sounds from African, French Reggaeton, cutting edge hip hop, and sexy Latin rhythms. Learn new choreography techniques to a non-stop, get-down-and-dance, calorie burning, high-energy workout! Feeling the music and getting fit never felt so good! Take your body, mind and soul on a full blown fitness journey

  • 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Yoga Intensive: Mindful Meditation Techniques, $89
    Kaycee Dunfield

    Yoga Intensive: Mindful Meditation Techniques, $89 with Kaycee Dunfield

    Work, Traffic, Money, Relationships – if any of these words caused a reactionary response then this intensive is for you! So many of us live our lives but aren’t really alive. Take time to learn how to show up and truly be present in your life. We’ll be working through a variety of different meditation techniques to give you the tools to create - and help others create - happiness, success, peace and love in your life.

  • 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm
    PulsePointe Party At The barre (Master Class) – No CECs
    Lisa Reynolds
    Group Fitness

    PulsePointe Party At The barre (Master Class) – No CECs with Lisa Reynolds

    PulsePointe barre is an innovative and challenging barre experience that seamlessly weaves together traditional muscle-sculpting barre choreography with exhilarating cardio segments to define and challenge the body in a whole new way. PulsePointe takes barre to the next level by matching each segment with upbeat music to motivate and energize your class. This master class will take traditional barre choreography up a notch to spice up your classes and challenge your students in new ways. Turn your class into a power packed cardiovascular and strength extravaganza that students will love!

Saturday June 17, 2017

  • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Spartan Strong Group Ex Instructor Training $250, .7 ACE, 7 AFAA, .7 NASM
    Aimee Nicotera
    Group Fitness

    Spartan Strong Group Ex Instructor Training $250, .7 ACE, 7 AFAA, .7 NASM with Aimee Nicotera

    The first 10 individuals to sign-up get a free* entry for a 2017 Reebok Spartan Race: Get trained to teach Spartan Race’s new-to-the-world group fitness class. Learn the core principles of Spartan training, and how they inspire anyone to overcome obstacles -- on the race course, and in everyday life. Gain a deeper understanding of how Spartan tenets motivate class participants to move out of their comfort zone, work together and push limits. Prepare yourself to master this uniquely Spartan, inclusive hour-long group fitness experience. Be one of the first fitness professionals to experience this ground breaking training! *Open Heats only, subject to availability. Recipient must pay $14 insurance fee.

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Zumba® Basic Instructor Training Level 1 $235, .7 ACE, 8 AFAA, 8 SCW, 8 LT
    Tony Witt
    Group Fitness

    Zumba® Basic Instructor Training Level 1 $235, .7 ACE, 8 AFAA, 8 SCW, 8 LT with Tony Witt

    This training is the first step to becoming a Zumba® instructor as it teaches you the foundation and formula to teach a Zumba® class. You will learn the steps to four basic rhythms (merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton). You'll learn how to put these steps together into a song, and how to create your first Zumba class. $225 early bird price. PROMO CODE: EMPOWER25 for $25 off. Included: 1 Review DVD, 1 Mash-Up DVD, 1 Mash-Up CD, Rush DVD, 1 Electronic Instructor Manual and Certificate of Completion.

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    PulsePointe barre Primary Instructor Certification, $225 (EB-$199) .8 ACE, 8 AFAA, .8 NASM, 8 LT
    Lisa Reynolds

    PulsePointe barre Primary Instructor Certification, $225 (EB-$199) .8 ACE, 8 AFAA, .8 NASM, 8 LT with Lisa Reynolds

    PulsePointe barre is an innovative and challenging barre experience that seamlessly weaves together traditional muscle-sculpting barre choreography with exhilarating cardio segments. This "Party at the Barre" takes things to the next level by matching each segment with upbeat music! Instructors will master proper form and technique, strategies to instruct a class of multiple fitness levels, how to choreograph fun and effective barre classes, and teach to music! Participants receive an instructor manual, choreography snapshots, and PulsePointe blueprints, with no licensing fees.

  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Life Time Group Fitness Instructor Training $189, 0.8 ACE, 8 LT
    Kaycee Dunfield
    Group Fitness

    Life Time Group Fitness Instructor Training $189, 0.8 ACE, 8 LT with Kaycee Dunfield

    Were you certified at one time but let it lapse? Have you had some group fitness instructor experience but never earned your certification? Perhaps you're looking to add an additional certification to your resume'. Or maybe you've just thought to yourself, “I wonder if I could teach a group fitness class?” During this one-day certification, we will review and apply both the basics of the SCIENCE as well as the ART that you need to know in order to succeed as a group fitness instructor. So, whether you’re looking for an introduction to see if teaching group fitness is for you or want to refresh your existing skills, this training is for you!

  • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Instructor Training Course $199, .9 ACE, 8 AFAA, .8 NASM, 9 LT
    Robin Dayer
    Indoor Cycling

    Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Instructor Training Course $199, .9 ACE, 8 AFAA, .8 NASM, 9 LT with Robin Dayer

    Get certified with the industry’s most respected and progressive indoor cycling instructor training course. Experience the Schwinn Cycling Coach’s Pyramid, a specialized system that makes teaching simple for you and an incredible experience for your students. Learn bike fit, cycling science, class design, music, communication and motivation skill and more. Leave with the tools to become a successful and sought-after instructor and take home: • A comprehensive manual and Certificate • Eight complete class designs • Power Music® Schwinn Cycling Signature Music

Sunday June 18, 2017

  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    POP Pilates® Instructor Training Course $299 ($254 Early Bird), 0.8 ACE, 8.0 AFAA, .8 NASM, 8 LT
    Carrie Gerdes
    Group Fitness

    POP Pilates® Instructor Training Course $299 ($254 Early Bird), 0.8 ACE, 8.0 AFAA, .8 NASM, 8 LT with Carrie Gerdes

    The POP Pilates® Instructor Training Course will offer you the practical application skills and foundation from which to offer safe, fun and effective, class experiences to groups of all levels. Instructors will leave with a solid understanding as to why branded POP Pilates® choreography and the S.H.I.N.E. Method & P.O.P. Cues used to coach students create dynamic experiences in this group exercise fusion class. * Note a video evaluation is required for certification as well as membership in the POP Pilates Portal*

  • 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
    "AMP" Cycle Intensive, $89
    JR Reis
    Indoor Cycling

    "AMP" Cycle Intensive, $89 with JR Reis

    AMP Cycle a heart pumping, entertaining cardio workout on a bike. It’s a crazy fun workout driven by the beat of the music. Music rules and the rock star performer in front of the class knows how to use it. Class is choreographed with a variety of challenging movements and the lights bring the good energy of class to life!

  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    BollyX® Instructor Certification Training, $99, 0.8 ACE, 7 AFAA, 0.7 NASM, 8 LT
    Andrea Newby
    Group Fitness

    BollyX® Instructor Certification Training, $99, 0.8 ACE, 7 AFAA, 0.7 NASM, 8 LT with Andrea Newby

    The BollyX® instructor certification training is a 9-hour day including S. Asian dance technique, safety/physiology and alignment, pre-cueing technique, and much more! This is the high impact HIIT-based format (different from our LIT offering). No prior experience with South Asian dance is required. Our community is incredibly diverse and many of our most successful BollyX® instructors are those experiencing Bollywood for the first time! We have created a powerful training program that will give you all the education and support you need.


Robin Dayer



Kaycee Dunfield

Kaycee is currently the National Brand Manager and Master Instructor Trainer for Life Time Fitness, the Healthy Way of Life Company, and is celebrating 25 years in the fitness industry. Her journey includes being a fitness instructor, Yoga/Pilates Instructor/trainer, Education Specialist, Program Director, Format Creator and National Fitness Presenter. Kaycee has been seen in many fitness videos and online video's and loves traveling the globe to share her passion. She has many fitness industry certifications including ACE, AFAA, NASM, Schwinn, 200 hr YTT, Stott Pilates and quite a variety of industry specialty certifications. Besides her love in working with instructors and mentors she has a deep passion for Motivational Speaking, Yoga and Dance.


Carrie Gerdes

Carrie Gerdes is a Master Trainer for POP Pilates with over 7 years of varied teaching experience from Zumba to Bodypump. She has used her extensive dance background as well as her 10 years of classroom teaching to expand her classes, connect with her class members, and encourage all her participants to flourish and grow within their own fitness journeys. Carrie is truly passionate about helping cultivate instructors who are enthusiastic about delivering POP classes that are fun and exciting while being safe and successful at the same time! Follow Carrie on social media : Facebook - Carrie Campbell Gerdes Instagram - gerdescarrie


Andrea Newby

A lifelong dance enthusiast, I began my dance training while gaining my Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Theatre. I became an AFAA certified group fitness instructor in early 2012 and in addition to BollyX, I have lead Zumba, Zumba Gold, Pound, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Toning, Silver Sneakers, R.I.P.P.E.D. and PiYo classes. I was drawn to BollyX due to the BollyX motto of “Unleash Your Inner Rockstar.” BollyX classes provide an outlet for participants and instructors to Turn Up the Volume in their lives both inside and outside the confines of the studio. I love being a Regional Trainer as it allows me to spread the integral message of B.O.L.D. F.A.C.E. which can be a guiding principle towards living an authentic, courageous life.


Aimee Nicotera

Aimee Nicotera has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years, as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, health educator and fitness director. Aimee holds a BS degree in Nutrition Science and a MS degree in Health Education, as well as numerous fitness certifications, including those through ACSM, ACE, and AFAA. In addition to having served as a Group Fitness Manager for Equinox Fitness Clubs and Fitness Director for Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, Aimee is the creator of the two fitness DVD series, Take 20!® and 2X2 Conditioning®.


JR Reis

JR has been a fitness junkie ever since he was five or six years old, when his mom taught Jazzercise with big, poofy 90's hair and hot pink leg warmers. She was an inspiration to JR and he has been teaching indoor cycle classes for more than seven years. For him, it's the energy of the students, music, and members exceeding fitness goals that keeps him coming back for more. He prides himself in his authentic and positive vibes in his classes.


Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds is a Master Trainer for PulsePointe Barre and an enthusiastic group fitness instructor in Dallas, Texas. She received her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas A&M where she taught a variety of formats.. Lisa is a passionate about motivating others to achieve their fullest potential and providing quality continuing education opportunities for fitness professionals across the country. Lisa is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance, and holds additional certifications through AFAA, YogaFit, and CorePower Yoga.


Tony Witt

Along with his wife, Jessica, they are co-owners of Amore Dance Co. in Overland Park, KS. Hand picked in 2006 to be 2 of the original 13 ZES for Zumba Fitness LLC. They have been involved in the growth of Zumba world-wide through program development, mentoring, trainings, conventions, videos, concerts, and continuing education.




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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Empower?

A: EMPOWER! Fitness Events are designed especially for fitness professionals as well as fitness enthusiasts. Through these regional weekend events, we, alongside the community and a team of world-renowned fitness presenters, celebrate fitness, continuing education, motivation and the desire for an overall healthy way of life for all.

The events are produced by Global Fitness Solutions, LLC and hosted in partnership with Life Time Fitness, the premier Healthy Way of Life company, in the United States.

Whether you are a fitness professional in need of your CECs or an enthusiast who simply wants to exercise with the best fitness presenters in the world, EMPOWER! is exactly where you need to be!

Q: Who should attend?

A: Anyone who has an interest in fitness and a healthy way of life!

Fitness Professionals! If you are a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor, come to learn and grow as you earn your much-needed continuing education credits (CECs) from some of the most highly regarded presenters in the industry.

Fitness Enthusiasts! Come enjoy huge, high-energy classes led by the best teachers in the fitness industry and around the world as you support your community and celebrate a healthy way of life with friends and like-minded enthusiasts.

Q: Why is Thursday considered a "special event" day?

A: Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23 are considered Pre-Conference event days.  When you register for the EMPOWER! conference weekend, Thursday and the morning/day is not included in the weekend event package (Fri-Sun).  If you are interested in participating in an intensive or certification on Thursday or Friday, you will need to seperately register for each individual class.



Q: How do I register?

A: You can register by mail, fax, or online. For more information about how to register for the EMPOWER! Fusion event you can call 

1855 BE EMPOWERED 1 855 233 6769


Q: How does course selection work?

A: For EMPOWER! upon registration you will be able to select your sessions. We limit the number of registrations to ensure as many attendees as possible receive all their first choice selections at the event and can easily make changes throughout the weekend at will.



Q: When can I check in?

A: You can check in at the event registration desk starting each day at the following times:

Q: What will I receive at check in?

A: You will receive your check-in packet containing a schedule, wristband or ticket, and a goody bag.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Bring a photo i.d., your registration confirmation letter, exercise apparel, a water bottle, and money for lunch and shopping at the expo.

Q: How do I get a receipt?

A:  If you register online, you can print a copy of your receipt at the time of registration. If you mail or fax your registration, you can pick up a copy of your receipt at the event.



Q: What are CECs?

A: CEC stands for Continuing Education Credit (also referred to as CEU or Continuing Education Unit). You receive CECs by attending fitness-related educational workshops. Typically, certification organizations require that instructors earn a certain number of CECs to maintain and renew their certificates. Check with your certifying organization regarding specific requirements.

Q: How many CECs will I get for each class?

A: Each workshop equals .1/1.0 to .2/2.0 CECs from ACE, NASM, AFAA, AEA, AAAI/ISMA and NETA.

Q: How do I get my CECs for attending this event?

A: You can pick up your certificate at the event.



Q: Who do I contact if I have a question?

A: Global Fitness Solutions
     11 Woodswallow Lane
     Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
     P 1-855 - 233-6769      F (949) 786 2977


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